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As is the global market, Indian market is greatly impacted by disruption in business models, brought about by fast pace adoption of IT enabled services - new players are eliminating old players and, traditional businesses are scrambling for new ideas / next steps to remain in the business. No wonder, most of the world's big names in business consulting have their shop in India. However, while big businesses are well served by these big names, most of the small and medium businesses and start-ups are under-served. 

We at RadiantMindz, aim to be nimble enough to work with all small medium and large businesses alike. We at RADIANT MINDZ® believe that success of the business is determined by holistic interaction of internal and external factors. Therefore, while addressing the customers need at hand, we duly appreciate the context around the issue at hand. 

A highly enthusiastic, energetic and experienced team are willing to stretch the boundary and make sure that solution provided is well in sync with developments in the marketplace. We have single focus on outcome and all of our efforts (backed by extensive experience of the team) have clear linkages to the outcome.

Targeted Consulting And Research Services

We believe that success of the business is determined by holistic interaction of internal and external factors. Therefore, while addressing the customers need at hand, we duly appreciate the context around the issue at hand. Our consulting recommendations and solutions have intuitive appeal and are based on extensive research and intelligence around the business environment of our customer. 

A neutral, third party view are many times, very crucial in decision making, especially before you launch your product or services in the market, or when you wanted to assess/reassess customers needs and aspirations. We do such research and we have country wide data collection capabilities through our partners who are leaders in this areas. Innovation is very important, in both - what you create and, equally on how you market your products and ideas. 

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Strategic execution, learning and pivoting is what leads to success. Having a someone from outside your bubble could be asset


About the overall scope and direction of the business and its approach to make its business operations work together and achieve goals set by the organization. 


Systematic analysis of the factors associated with customers and competitors (the external environment) and the organization itself (the internal environment) to provide the basis for maintaining optimum management practices. 


Organizational plan for human resources, marketing, research and development and other functional areas. 

The functional strategy of a company is customized to a specific industry and is used to back up other corporate and business strategies.
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  Start Up Businesses Small Business Medium Size Enterprises
Corporate Strategy Business Case Business Case
Growth Strategy Growth Strategy
Business Strategy Digital Strategy Digital Strategy Digital Strategy
Brand Building Brand Building Brand Building
Market Expansion Market Expansion Market Expansion
Functional Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Leveraging new age IT
  Market Planning Market Planning

Product Portfolio Product Portfolio

Org Design Org Design

IT Strategy IT Strategy

Process Improve Ops Efficiency
Pricing Strategy Pricing Strategy Pricing Strategy
Research Methodology and Estimated Timeline
STEP 1 : Desk Research

STEP 1 : Desk Research

  • Quick Business Environment Scan
  • Research Design
  • Sample Plan – Size and Quota
STEP 2 : Research Tool Design

STEP 2 : Research Tool Design

  • Questionnaire Design
  • Data Collection Plan
  • Quota Assignment
STEP 3 : Data Collection

STEP 3 : Data Collection

  • Field Briefing, tool testing.
  • Quality Check (revalidate 20%)
  • Supervising Operation
STEP 4 : Data Analysis

STEP 4 : Data Analysis

  • Question coding and data entry 
  • Basic Analysis – cross tabulation
  • Advanced Statistical Analysis
STEP 5 : Presentation of Reports

STEP 5 : Presentation of Reports

  • Link information to the objectives.
  • Researcher’s Recommendation
  • Handover research materials.