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1. Analytics for Improved Business Performance
It's an opportunity NOT to be missed - Are you ready for this?
Analytics for Improved Business Performance
For companies that fully embrace this shift, investing in data and analytics can yield a higher rate of return than other recent technologies, even the computer investment cycle in the 1980s.” (HBR Study)
 “The next 20 years will be about integrating analytics into everyday work.” –Accenture
About 93% of the Best-in-Class companies are satisfied with the sophistication and firepower of their analytics capabilities compared to 56% of industry average and 1% of Laggards. -  
Aberdeen's 2017 Analytics Research
We are introducing a power packed analytics sensitization program for mid-senior management with a strong focus on outcome, and a clear linkages to the real-life business problem solving with analytics.
The Training Focuses on: 
  • Capturing the essentials without being lost in the technical details
  • Ensuring it is contextualized to your business environment
  • Real-time exercises structured to your current business challenges
  • Exposure to an analytics framework that drives a data-driven solution

In a power-packed two-day training session, we will show you how data-driven decision-making is shaping business conduct and how you can leverage best practices to enhance day-to-day decision making. 

Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4
  • The digitization onslaught
  • Analytics as a competitive advantage
  • Navigating the jargon
  • Towards a culture of evidence-based decision-making
  • The evidence: ROI on Analytics
  • Telling a story with numbers
  • Visualizing Data
  • Case studies
  • Workshop: Solving your business challenges using analytics methodologies
  • Creating an Analytics Strategy
  • Requirements: Infrastructure, Tools, Processes, Governance, etc
  • Deployment choices: In house, Outsourcing, etc
  • Issues: Data collection, Security, Privacy
  • Trends: Big Data, AI, IOT
Key Benefits
Key Benefits
  • Explore and identify patterns in business operations - sales plan, operational plan, risk and compliance 
  • Improve sales and marketing co-ordination towards customer acquisition, retention, identifying profitable customers, cross sell and upsell
  • Identify opportunities for improving efficiencies in supply chain, procurement, demand forecasting/  planning
  • Better manage and improve staff productivity, capacity planning, and training & development efficiency
2. Market and Competitive Intelligence for enhanced Decision Making
Market and Competitive Intelligence for enhanced Decision Making
  • Businesses cannot exist merely to provide a product or service — and not pay attention to happenings in the marketplace. You need to stay on top of what competitors are doing, be nimble and react quickly. 
  • Being caught by surprise can be disastrous. Businesses need to learn from successes and failures around us. Constant market tracking can help market, position, sell, distribute, and even build out product.
  • Business need to derive from competitive intelligence; which pitfalls to avoid and which ideas, if quickly capitalized on, could serve as innovative differentiators. Competitive intelligence helps leaders avoid competency addiction, (use of outdated mindsets and behaviors to solve new challenges. 
Overall, competitive intelligence can significantly help you remain flexible, and also it can help you in identifying market opportunity ahead of your competitors.
In a power packed two-days training sessions, we will show you how you can institutionalize competitive intelligence into your day to day decision making
Strategic Market and Competitive Intelligence – Need and Guiding Principle
Strategic Market and Competitive Intelligence Activties/Processes


  • Focus on stakeholder needs versus available insights
  • Determine if on-hand and easily available insights are sufficient


  • Prioritize any net-new insights needs
  • Hypothesize and identify triggers to focus on in research requests


  • Identify optimal providers and partner with key source(s).
  • Assess insights and changes until needs are met


  • Cross-check insights against other sources
  • Deliver insights to analytics team and/or stakeholders
Market Intelligence & Analytics - Enabling more effective & efficient marketing and sales activities


  • Proactive research-based insights 
  • Stakeholders: Leadership team, Sales, Marketing, 
  • Enable decision making, competitive positioning, sales wins and market recognition


  • Executive decision support
  • Sales enablement
  • Shared service
  • Enable self-serve research


  • Market trends and sizing
  • Vertical industries
  • Regions
  • Competitors
  • Sales analytics-targeting, addressable market sizing & deal support


  • Insights from information
  • Stake a position
  • Be proactive
  • Focused impact
  • Collaborate & Share