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Indian education sector has huge potential - a lot need to be realized through application of technology

Indian education sector has huge potential - a lot need to be realized through application of technology  

India is the most exciting higher education market in the world. It is a $600 billion industry and is expected to grow steadily in the coming years. Institutes offering higher education in India is 44,668 which is more than China and the US.

“After “tech savvy” it is the “social media savvy” that has become synonymous with today’s generation in India. About 2/3rd of Indians online spend time on different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest etc. Even the trend of sending personal emails seems to have become obsolete as compared to social media”.

The government of India is focusing on digitizing the contents with colleges and universities and connecting these institutions.
Advantage of digital marketing
  • Cost effective – you can get good student leads at free cost with activities like website optimization, seo, blogging, Social media marketing, email marketing, sms marketing, video marketing, whats app marketing.  In paid campaign also cost per click is very small . In video campaign cost per view is also very less as compared to tv and other media.
  • Target Niche Audience – Digital is key to target niche audience  like local, people live in 5 k.m radius, city specific, age group , gender specific.
  • Measurable and ROI driven – you can measure each rupee spend on digital and get report in desirable matrix and you can tune-up campaigns and digital marketing activities based in results and ROI.
  • Youth population is on Digital – youth is very active on Digital and social platform like they are active on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, youth watch videos on you tube and other app, whats app they use for messaging and communication, so it is very easy to tap students with help of digital marketing.
  • Manage Demand and Supply –  Suppose students lead in your supply and program wise admission is demand , so you can manage you digital marketing campaign according to your requirement, you can boost and reduce campaign budget as per your requirement ex: on holidays, exam time, weekends you can reduce campaign budget when students are not active on social media.
  • Digital is more than sales – right platform to engage target audience with your brand like before taking admission student want to get complete idea about institute like infrastructure, placement, faculty, course, students review, alumni review, positive points, negative points, fee etc. so digital is right platform to provide them best info that they are looking for.
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