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Some of the strategic and the top of the mind issues for mid-senior management requires an balanced, “outside-in” perspectives.

Would you be interested in assessing :
  • Feasibility of a market/competitor action/trigger,
  • Scope of market/competitors’ action/trigger,
  • Impact of market/competitor’s action,
  • Potential response(s) to neutralize this or turn this action to company’s advantage,
  • Limitations of possible action,
  • Dynamics that could undermine the stakeholder’s ability to quickly respond? (cyclical, socio political).

It requires a commitment to frequent (if not constant) market monitoring; regularly adjusting profiles, scenarios, and triggers; building triggers into custom research wherever possible; and, when a scenario is triggered, putting the appropriate people on alert and getting them the insights they need to take action.

Intelligence is – contextualized insights, near real-time – for prompt actions. We have system and methodology for this. SMCI at Radiant Mindz – Unique blend of regular and ad hoc value added offers to address the above issues. 

Strategic Market and Competitive Intelligence (SMCI)

Are these questions core to your business ?

Are these questions core to your business ?
SMCI at Radiant Mindz – Unique blend of Regular and Ad Hoc Value Added to address these questions. 

SMCI Regular Deliverable

Early Warning Alerts System

Early Warning Alerts System

Client - relevant happenings in the market with quick analysis (what it could mean to the business.) – as it happens. 
Monthly Market Signals Analysis

Monthly Market Signals Analysis 

Compilation of what happened in the, joining the dots and summarizing as relevant to the client’s business.  
Quarterly Briefing / Presentation

Quarterly  Briefing / Presentation

To the  senior management addressing key questions concerns with the intelligence data gathered In a quarter.   

SMCI Value Added Offers

Deep Dive Analysis

Deep Dive Analysis

Deep Dive Analysis on key issues as determined by the business – might involve customised primary and secondary data collection and analysis. 

Detailed SWOT Analysis

Detailed SWOT Analysis

Detailed analysis around specific market themes / trends; tailored and contextualized to your own business environment.

Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning

Assessment of current business performance, identification of winds of changes, plausible scenarios and the best course of action. 

(A joint exercise with clients business leaders; moderated and facilitated by RadiantMindz.)
SMCI – Best-in-Class capabilities, Outside-in Perspectives, yet opportunities to collaborate
– without a need for an In-House set up.